Sunday, November 16, 2008

Video boxes

I love to go to video stores and just browse the video/DVD cover boxes. I don't know why. I can spend hours in a video store just browsing the boxes and titles...well, I should qualify that - video stores like I Luv Video, Vulcan Video, and That's Rentertainment.

The artwork, design, and creativity that goes into creating the video boxes is an art in it of itself. Especially retro-cult films, sci fi, horror, and action.

Maybe it's just me. But I can't just go to a video store, get a video, and leave. I have to browse all the sections. I actually do the same at the video/DVD sections of places like Best Buy and Borders.

Maybe it's something that stems from my childhood - I loved going to the library, like all the time. Not necessarily to read, but moreso to browse.

I think there's an underlying impetus that some boxes will really catch my eye, and inspire new ideas to create something. Maybe even compelling enough to rent/buy...or at the very least, to google!

I guess I'm always on the search to find something to inspire and compel my own sense of creativity.