Sunday, December 21, 2008

We're at it again! & Schedule

As we get together to train every Sunday night, we always shoot a new video. This past Sunday was certainly no exception! Check it out:

The person Andrew and I are demonstrating on is Aaron Short. 
These videos are so much fun to make, and really gives us something fun to look forward to every Sunday in addition to the training.

I am so excited about the evolution of Austin Kung-Fu Academy! I feel like 2009 is going to be a fantastic year for us! I finally have a full office to myself, complete with desk and computer (you know, along with the swords, sticks, and boxing gloves!). 

Some logistics - we won't have class this Wednesday. And, I've also decided that Saturday we'll be off as well. I'll send out an e-mail about it.

I'd be up for having class Wednesday, New Year's Eve, but only if more than 4 of you can make it. If not, then we'll just go ahead and resume our classes Saturday, Jan 3rd. So please give me feedback and let me know if you want to have class next Wednesday on New Y ear's Eve.

Oh, and a heads up - we're going to have an Austin Kung-Fu Academy Open House sometime in February. So start telling your friends and neighbors that they should look into getting some Kung-Fu into their lives, and check out our open house! :)