Friday, December 12, 2008

TEST, Saturday Dec 20th!

We will have our last test of the year Saturday, December 20th.

Kids - 1:30pm
Adults - 3pm

Kids can come early at 1pm to ask any questions and practice.
Adults can come at 2pm to ask any questions, and practice. And cram. lol 

Make sure you are in full uniform, with sash for the test.


Probably the best place I learned about leadership was at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They have phenomenal leadership development programs, including LeaderShape.

There are 4 key components to leadership:
Self Development
Interpersonal Development
Group Development
Transition Development

Each of these categories goes in depth with various concepts and principles. If it is of interest, I can do a workshop on leadership development for a Friday seminar.

Friday seminar? What in the world is that?? :)

So starting in January 2009, we're going to have a bit a of a revised Austin Kung-Fu Academy.
I won't disclose details just yet, as we are still working some things out. But I will tell you this - there'll be opportunities to train 4 days a week at our location! And, there will be a lot more hands-on instruction!

So, if you know of people who you think could benefit from and are interested in learning Kung-Fu/Grappling, send them our way! If you'd like a gift certificate, to give to someone, let me know.