Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Using this

I've always enjoyed blogging. But I haven't really blogged for Austin Kung-Fu Academy. I mean, there would be mass e-mails about things coming up like tests and such. But actually expressing my thoughts on topics and such is new.

We do have a video blog for membership viewing only...but that doesn't really count.

So I will keep this blog updated on my thoughts and goings-on regarding, well just about anything. It will have a tie to martial arts don't worry.

Actually, it all ties to martial arts, because it is all energy in motion. There are parallels and correlations you can take from just about anything and tie it to martial arts.

So with that, I'll end this post, hopefully to have another one up again very soon. 
Check back frequently and have your friends visit this blog as well.
I'll also be updating the youtube page, and perhaps the twitter as well.

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