Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Video!

So yeah, Andrew and I still are taking some heat for the videos we're making. But that's really okay. I think that lots of people are actually appreciating what we are doing. The videos aren't meant to be taken so literally. It's more a demonstration for traditional Kung-Fu practitioners that they can use some of the energy they acquired in their Kung-Fu training, and see some relevancy in motions in the world of grappling.

It is so much fun making these! We make these up as we go along, because it is literally THAT EASY to see the commonalities in energy.

1 comment:

honoria said...

Keep those videos coming. I was able to fix my tai chi Yang 37 video and just did the practice...I'm rusty on yang. Looking forward to more tai chi in 09! Happy New Year.